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Turning 30: Ten things you can do

1.) Career: It is the time when you learned enough from your past mistakes. You are now stable and experienced. This time you can take your chances in your career. It doesn’t mean than you should not be careful. Just don’t live in fear and encash the opportunities. You can go for the advance degrees also.

2.) Educate yourself: Learning is a continuous process. Don’t be outdated. Learn the thing what interest you most. It may be anything. Nothing is more dangerous to the human condition, as time goes by, than boredom. Learn something new constantly.

3.) Care your family: Now you are 30, it means your parents are in their 50s or 60s. So it’s time to take care of them. Take suggestions from your elder siblings and help the younger ones. Plan family tour in a regular interval. Be good and kind to your parents, siblings, spouse and children, tell them how much you love them. Be there for them no matter what.

4.) Relationships: getting married is an individual decision. But if you are in a relationship it should be stable. Take suggestions from your partner and also give respect to their decision. You can’t afford a breakup in this stage.

5.) Investments: Think toward the long term investments. It can be Mutual funds, gold or real   estate etc. Make your financial targets and revise them regularly according to your income.

 6.) Health: do Exercise and eat healthy. It can be just walking or simply jogging around the block at least 4 days a week for 45 mins a day. Lift weight to build muscle. You’ll look younger with your lean, shaped & strong body. Or you can go for yoga and meditation. Better leave smoking and drinking. Stay hydrated.

7) Hobby: In your free time give time to your hobbies. You often listen to people in their 40s or 50s saying “in your age we were a tennis player/pianist/vocalist but gave up due to family.” It is the time when people generally give up their hobbies or passion due to family responsibilities. Hobbies make you feel excited about what you’re doing and about life.

8.) Friend circle: Avoid Negative people, negative energy. Surround yourself around people who will help you grow. But increase your friend circle. For example you are having friends in your office circle, find some in your gym, neighbourhood etc. but you should choose them carefully.

9.) Serve others. Perhaps the most important aspect of being human is practicing humanity. Help others as often as you can and you’ll be surprised at how happy you can be at 50, and well beyond.

10.) No Regret: mend bridges. Forgive yourself. Forgive the people who hurt you even when you were in the 4th grade. Ask for forgiveness from the people whom you hurt. You make peace with yourself. And you have no one left who’ll hate you. Love yourself to love others.


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